The wedding ceremony takes place when two people declare their love for each other. It is a merging of two paths of life into one; and we ask God to bestow God’s blessings upon the couple as they unite their lives together.

They will exchange rings as a symbol of their love and as a declaration of their commitment to each other. The couple recites both traditional and creative vows that they hope to fulfill.

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A funeral is a very sacred time, and the goal of a Rabbi is to bring closure and healing through prayers, music, and the sharing of a eulogy, and remembrance by family and friends.  Each person is unique with special gifts and talents; and it is important to tell their story.  This is the time to share memories. 

As a Rabbi, I want to help the family and friends to under-stand the complexities of life and the mysteries of death; and that God be with them as they walk through the valley of grief, and emerge once again into the bright sunshine of life.

Guest Speaking

Guest Speaking

I am often invited to be a guest speaker. I have spoken at many religious and non-religious organizations such as the Jewish Federation, Hadassah, Rotary Clubs, summer camps, and spiritual organizations, and I often speak at people’s homes.

Some of my topics have been on the Holocaust, Kabala, the Bible, the prophets, my viewpoint on death and dying, the laws of keeping kosher, as well as the issue of forgiveness. I feel capable and comfortable speaking on any topic that one would find interesting.



I enjoy helping students (of all ages) with any aspect of Judaica, which includes: Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, tutoring Hebrew, chanting Torah and Haftorah, preparing for an exam, or just discussing an issue that might be on the student’s mind.

My experience includes these areas of Judaism as well as others. I am always happy to educate.



Many organizations, meetings, dinners and luncheons like to begin their event with a prayer or spiritual thought to set the mood for their special activity.  An invocation can be religious or spiritual.  I am available to create that feeling for your event.  I have created many, many invocations during the past years.  It is always an honor and a privilege.

Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi