The wedding ceremony takes place when two people declare their love for each other. It is a merging of two paths of life into one; and we ask God to bestow God’s blessings upon the couple as they unite their lives together.

They will exchange rings as a symbol of their love and as a declaration of their commitment to each other. The couple recites both traditional and creative vows that they hope to fulfill.

Wine is part of the ceremony.  It represents the sweetness of life, making life’s joys doubly gladdened, and its bitterness sweetened. 

After the couple has completed the rites and ceremonies, I, as a Rabbi in the State of California and the USA, pronounce the couple married. Some people at this time choose to break a glass, or in some cases two glasses; and I then present them to the community as married.

If the couple has special wishes, I am always happy to include them in the ceremony.  Whether I am officiating at a heterosexual or same sex wedding, I am honored that the couple has chosen me to officiate. It is a sacred and fulfilling event. your social media marketing partner
Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi