God's Love

What do you think God’s love is?

Answer:  “A dog’s love is the same as God’s love.  That’s why ‘dog’ is “god’ spelled backwards.”

The similarity between what we hope for from God, and what we get without question from dogs, is too striking to be ignored.  Isn’t God’s love that which makes us feel less alone and a little less afraid?  And can we not say the same about the devotion of dogs?  Doesn’t God love us no matter what?  And can we not say the same about dogs?


A dog teaches us how to be loved.

Dogs are able to do this because they sneak past our defenses and under all our walls of distraction, self-centeredness, sophistication, or what-have-you.  They completely ignore our KEEP OUT signs and then, once they get in, they hit us with a tsunami of love.  We like to think that dogs need us, but the truth is that we need them.  They are there to share the good times and to comfort us through the bad.  They’ll offer up their cold wet noses on a hot summer day and share their warm bodies on a cold winter’s night.  They show us what it means to be patient, alert, focused, calm, vigilant, brave, kind and curious.

All of which is to say, dogs make us better human beings – some-thing of which I’m sure God would heartily approve.

With much affection,

Rabbi Sally


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Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi