There are some people who believe that our lives are predestined, and that we should resign ourselves to our lots in life.  Yet the truth is that it is up to each one of us to decide what that destiny will be.  While each of us is born with a life purpose, it is up to us whether or not we will say yes to fulfilling it.  And just like when we choose what to eat, who to keep company with, and whether to turn right or left when we leave our home every day, choosing to say yes to your destiny is a decision that can only be realized when you take action to make that choice a reality.

Whether you believe it is your destiny to be a parent, an adventurer, an artist, a pioneer, or a spiritual guru, saying yes to your destiny is only the first step.  While beginning your destiny starts with knowing what you want and believing you can attain your goals, there are then the actions that must be taken and the decisions to be made before your destiny can truly happen.  When you take responsibility for fulfilling your destiny and begin acting with the intention of doing so, you not only take fate into your own hands; but also you become the hands of your own fate.  Doorways inevitably open for you to step through, and every choice you make can be a creative act toward realizing your goals and dreams.  You begin to follow your instincts and intuition, recognize opportunities when they are presented to you, and seize those golden moments.  You also begin to recognize the decisions that may not serve this greater picture and can more easily push them aside.

Remember that the decision to fulfill your destiny is always a choice can be empowering.  Knowing you are fulfilling your destiny because you want to, rather than because you have to, can make a huge difference.  When you are freed from obligation, obstacles in your way become challenges to be overcome; and the journey becomes an adventure rather than the obligatory steps you are being forced to take.  Your destiny may be waiting for you; but whether or not you meet your destiny is up to you.  Your fate is in your hands.

With warmth and blessings,
Rabbi Sally

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Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi