First Aid Kit Components:

A toothpick, a rubber band, a mirror, a stone, a band-aid, a pencil, an eraser, gum, a “Kiss” chocolate, and a tea bag.

1. A Toothpick: To help you remember to “dig” deep and find positive qualities in others.

2. A Rubber Band: To help you remember to be flexible, since people and things aren’t always what you want them to be.

3. A Mirror: To remind you to look at yourself first before criticizing or judging someone else.


4. A Stone: to remind you that before you cast a stone, you should remember that we all carry one.

5. A Band-Aid: To help you heal hurt feelings, whether someone else’s or your own.

6. A Pencil: To help you write down all your daily blessings (which are plenty!!).

7. An Eraser: To remind you that we all make mistakes and we can try to correct them.

8. Gum: To remind you that you should “stick” to what you are doing and not give up easily.

9. A “Kiss” Chocolate: To remind you that we all need a kiss or a hug.

10. A Tea Bag: To remind you to take some time to relax, count your blessings and make a list of all the wonderful things you have.

Maybe you’re just “somebody” to the world; but you might just mean the world to “somebody”.

With much affection,
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