The Fastest Runner

Perhaps you know the thrice-told tale of Yameel – the fastest runner and most reliable messenger in all the African jungle. His swiftness, sense of direction and memory of specific locations were legendary. On any given day, he could be seen sprinting through the bush – from one village to another … his long, muscular legs safely and quickly conveying him and an urgent message to their destination.

One day he was observed standing motionless – statue-like, staring straight ahead. A passer-by was amazed to see the agile messenger in such an uncharacteristic pose and asked him why he was standing so still in the middle of a mission. Yameel responded, “I have been running so fast that I have left my soul behind, and I am waiting for it to catch up to me.”

Too often, during the week we run from one task to another. Only on the Sabbath are we privileged – indeed, commanded – to let up and let go, to turn towards ourselves and those we love, towards our God.

So I urge you:  Try it – you’ll like it! Invite your soul to catch up to you. It can positively change your life.

With much affection,
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