A Vision of Tomorrow

         There once was a man who was the leader of his people.  He knew the time was near to turn the reins of authority over to one of his three children; but he did not know which one.  He called them all together and said:  “I am old and ready to pick my successor.  Go down into the valley and see what you can find.  Whoever brings back that which is most important will lead our people.”

         After only a day, the first two returned.  “What have you brought?” asked the father.

         “I have brought a branch from the trees that grow in the valley.  They will shade us and feed us and give us wood to build our houses.”

         Said the second, “I have brought some forage for our flocks and herds so that we might prosper.”

         Two days later, the third child finally came back.  He was holding nothing.  “What have you brought?” the father asked.  “In my hands, nothing,” he replied.  “But I have gone down into the valley and then climbed the mountain on the other side.  From the top, I could see beautiful rolling plains where we can farm and where we can spread out as far as the eye can see; and we can become whatever we wish.”

         “You are the one who shall lead,” said the father “for you have brought back the greatest gift of all – a vision of tomorrow.”

         May we all share in the vision of a peaceful and healthy summer.

With warmth and affection,

Rabbi Sally Olins, DD

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Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi