Three Powerful Words

A story is told about General George Patton, the legendary General of World War Two fame.  He was once invited to dine at a press camp in Africa.  Wine was served in canteen cups; but thinking that he was being served coffee Patton poured cream into his cup.  As he stirred in the sugar, he was told that his cup contained wine and not coffee.

Too proud to admit that he made a mistake, Patton replied without hesitating:  “I know.  I like my wine this way.”  And he drank it.

I share this story with you because I think it is hard for us to admit when we make a mistake.  We think it reflects badly on us if we say that we were wrong.

Three of the most difficult words in the English language to pro-nounce are:  “I was wrong.”  We stumble and stutter when we have to say them; and yet, let me suggest that they are actually the most ennobling words we can ever utter.  When you say “I was wrong”, you break down the barriers between you and others.  When you say these three words, you create a climate in which respect and love can grow.

Poor General Patton had to drink wine with sugar and cream in it be-cause he was unable to say these three words.  Try saying them and you will see that they don’t taste nearly as bad as you may think your social media marketing partner
Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi