Ask For Help!

Most of the time we are thankful for all that life has given us; but there are times when the long road ahead seems extremely long.  Life puts some burdens on us – a loved one becomes ill or dies.  The days are bleak and dreary; our steps falter, and we become unsteady.

We know that God is with us; but sometimes God seems out of reach.  We need assurance, a living person to help us down the road.  Let me or someone know that you could use some help on your journey.


There is a wonderful story that may help you to understand that we all need help... 


It concerns a 10 year-old boy who came home late; and his mother asked:  “Why are you so late?”  The little boy replied:  “On my way home I came across Bobby; and his bicycle chain had come off; and he was crying.  So, I stopped to help.”  His mother said:  “But you don’t know how to fix a bicycle chain.”  The little boy responded:  “No, Mommy.  I stopped to help him cry.”

Let someone help you cry in times of sadness, to help you celebrate the joys and successes, to ponder and struggle with life’s difficulties, or to pray for God’s guidance. your social media marketing partner
Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi