EVEN NOW - by Ralph Marston

There is serious conflict and trouble in the world today.
Yet as serious as that trouble is,
It cannot reach all the way into your heart.
The part of you that loves and desires peace
Is at peach even now.

Even now, when there is so much violence and turmoil
Even now, when there is so much uncertainty
Even now, there is far more love than hatred
And there always will be;
For hatred quickly consumes itself
While love just keeps on going and growing stronger in your heart.


Even now
It is wise to be concerned.
Yet keep this in mind,
Your very concern is proof itself that love abounds
That peace is real and present.

Even now
Let that peace live in you
And be expressed through you.

Even now,
Especially now,
Not through anger or blame or retribution
But through love, compassion, and the strength to make a positive difference,
See yourself as moving the world positively forward
And you will
With your thoughts, with your actions, with your love.
You feel the urgent need to do something
And indeed you can, even now,
Give your love and understanding
Even now, even to those with whom you disagree
Although you have differences with others.
There is much, much more that you have in common.
Although there are plenty of excuses for hatred,
There are many more reasons for love.

Even now,
Especially now,
The need for love and the opportunity for peace
Have never been greater than they are
Even now.
For the more we see of the darker side of life,
The more we truly and sincerely
Desire to live in the light
And the more we appreciate the immense
And unfathomable love
That we’ve been given
And that we are free to give,
Even now.

With warmth and blessings,
Rabbi Sally

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Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi