Faith is the courage to live with uncertainty. It is NOT knowing all the answers. There are times when we make God in our image, when we use heaven as the screen in which we project our wishes, dreams, insecurities and fears; and thus sometimes we confuse righteousness with the opposite, self-righteousness.                          

To find happiness, first we have to know how to look. Our culture has given us a very selective vision, one that renders invisible much of what is around us. As a result, it makes joy, exaltation, etc. hard to find. Sometimes we walk past it without recognizing it.


We are here! We might not have been. Somehow that makes every day a celebration. Life itself is the breath of God. To thank God is to know that I do NOT have less be-cause my neighbor has more. Thru blessings, I know that I am valued for what I am. We learn to cherish what we have, rather than be diminished by what we do NOT have.

Thus, happiness is not made by what we own. It is what we share. your social media marketing partner
Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi