God lives where we let Him in

There will always be things that science cannot explain – the beauty of Mozart, the power of a Shakespearean sonnet, the tenderness between mother and child, the feeling we have when someone recognizes us and smiles. They can never be captured in the language of cause and effect or stimulus and response. Rather, it is in the mystery and majesty of the personal that God lives

God is dispensable only if humanity is. Think about the following: God’s hand may be a human hand, if you reach out in loving kindness. God’s voice may be your voice, if you but speak with kindness and the truth.

So, where does God live? Answer: God lives where we let Him in.

Let me give you an example. In the Bible, God commands Moses to build a tabernacle; and God said: “I will dwell in them” not “I will dwell in it.” I.e. God lives not in the building but in the builders, not in holy places but in holy lives and deeds.

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Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi