Majorities may rule, but they do not judge. This is each person’s task, and bigness has nothing to do with it.

Consider for a moment: Commerce is concerned with profit. Nations are concerned with security. Nature is concerned with survival. Only human beings are concerned with moral values, with ethics, with ideals.

Because this is true – and it is true – our task is clear enough. First, we must know what is ours and ours only. We and we alone hold the key to life. Without each of us, all is a jungle. All is darkness. We must be prepared to speak out and defend what it is we truly are, and what it is we truly represent upon this earth.

More important by far than the words we speak, or preach, or write is the life we choose to live.


The Baal Shem Tov, some 200 years ago, discussed the role that human beings must play upon this earth; and this is what he said: “We each must know that from the time of creation there was never created another human being exactly like each of us. If there had been, then there would have been no reason for our creation. Human-kind’s goal is to fulfill one’s own individuality.”

This is still our goal, the goal that says we matter. We are, one by one, the only significant thing there is upon this earth! And because of our uniqueness, our own individual lives are, for each of us, the only ones that really matter. your social media marketing partner
Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi