Joy is a complex emotion. Do you really feel joy?

Joy is to rejoice, to be glad. It is a state of happiness. Joy is bliss, delight, pleasure. It is gaiety, merriment, cheerfulness. Do we really feel joy?

I always wondered whatever happens to a child? It is born with joy. It expresses delight. It giggles with pleasure. It shivers with gladness.

What, then, brings the sadness to the eyes, the emptiness to the heart, the unhappiness to the mind? Why does the candle of joy burn dimmer as the child grows older?


I see people at weddings who are NOT joyful; and people on vacations who are NOT happy; and people in mansions who are NOT cheerful; and people on holidays who are not merry.

They exchange their gifts; but genuine joy is absent. They do NOT feel the elation of the spirit; and I wonder why? I think I know the answer.

Joy is the victory of selfhood. It is what we are to ourselves that determines our relationship to our outer world. Joy begins with self-esteem. Joy depends on an inner glow.

Joy flows from personal trust. We are more than our pasts. We are more than our deeds. We are more than our errors.

We are finite and infinite, bounded and boundless, human and divine. Heal your hurts. Think of your virtues.

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Rabbi Sally - The People's Rabbi